© Frederic Jaulmes

© Frederic Jaulmes



“I’ve always wondered if the water in a river fell from its own weight, or whether it was the earth that attracted it towards its center. If it is the trees that make wind or rather the wind that moves trees. It’s like wondering why a Z is not an S, a D does not turn into a B, or putting a P in place of a T… Are my feet heavy, or is it the weight they bear? It may also be the center of the earth that attracts me towards its middle, its axis, its center… I am loaded with a weight that makes me lighter, so heavy that it calms me, I am centered by my own attraction. I am drawn downwards, my voice flies, it eludes me, it escapes, it is the axis.I get away from it and gladly escape every day.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 + 0, 5 + 1, 2, 3 another measure at 7, uh, no, sorry, it’s at 6 and a half… on a great Locrian mode, certainly followed by a atonal chord…” I heard that so often inside my head: counting, playing, counting, playing, counting, singing. Then one day, the word “simple” just came to mind. Simplicity, put what’s inside me on the outside, don’t count so much anymore, don’t think anymore, let go. Compose in simplicity. Improvise to compose, or improvise, period. Search for meaning (or not) through sound, sounds through meaning, abstract words exchanged for inside stories…

Like a snapshot, this disc freezes a moment in time, an emotional and musical fragment.
My feet are still rooted in this attractive attraction that activates my brain, and now on to the next

Emilie Lesbros