-MISS SORBSEL is my next project and album, I just recorded an EP with the great musicians JJ Jungle on the bass and Hassan Hurd drums, I sing, compose and play guitar on it, those songs are my last compositions when I was always touring and running, and observing the society, nothing is published online yet, but if you want to listen a bit, write me on contact.

– SINGLE ROOM, we have this band with Rafaelle Rinaudo, electric harp, and Julia Kent cello and electronic, we started in 2011 at MIMI Festival, we play duo, trio or invite a guest, it’s a mix between pop music, experimental and rock, very poetic band also.

– DARIUS JONES / EMILIE LESBROS. Darius called me one day, I was in New York, he was following my work and vocal style since few years, he called me to make a recording with him, he writes the music, I write the words and manage my own style to sing and I compose or change the melodies, it’s a great challenge to get. The band is with Ches Smith on drums, Matt Mitchel Piano, and Pascal Niggenkemper bass.

– ROSA, some great memories…sorry just great memories with this rock band Rosa, 6 great years charing music, stages, touring. the CD came out in 2008 “The Gift”.

– EMIR A3, With Barre Phillips, Lionel Garcin and I, then we created Barre Phillips Company, Emir A9, we are working on “La vie est Songe” an improvised Opera, under Barre Phillips direction.

-ELECTRIC POP ART, under Patrick Soletti Direction, with Boris Darley keyboards, Norbert Lucarain beat box, soon the recording gonna come out, this is a great Pop and electric band.

– VISION 7 is Pascal Niggenkemper Band, Pascal put this crazy band together, it’s full of energy and imagination.

– FONETIC, great experience to sing Yann Lecollaire music, it was a magic music. We played between 2007 and 2009 some amazing concerts, the CD got released on 2010.

-LA FORCE MOLLE, this is a collective from Marseille the town I was born, we made lot’s of experimental performances, and organized lot’s of events all together, in this collective there is some painters and musicians, the most punk collective ever, it’s been a while ago for me, cause I don’t live there anymore, they are still active. 

Some Collaborations

– Xavier Charles
– JJ Jungle
– Boots Riley
– Tiko
– Raymond Boni
– Daunik Lazro
– Sarah Bernstein
– Lionel Garcin
– Barre Phillips
– Sabir Mateen
– Kheriddine M’Kachiche



-Musique de No Man’s Zone en duet with Barre Phillips, Toshi Fujiwara’s documentary.



– LA CULTURE DU DECHET, with Alain Bedart, a great play,  who tells the truth about our crazy world, a great memory as an actress and singer.

– “TRAVERSEES/FRAGMENT”, avec ‘Elise Vigneron, theâtre de l’Entrouvert. We were together on the stage, so poetic performance.

we played Samuel Beckett, Roland Barthe, and finished with a creation about Algeria and the colonization French people made. I was an actress, and singer in those play.


– Compagnie Geneviéve Sorin
– Duo avec le danseur Giorgio Rossi
– RMQC avec la compagnie Artmacadam
– Projet Euphorico, compagnie Artmacadam


Autres choses:

– Archaos, cirque contemporain

-Wilfried Wendling, Arto Cité.