THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD: However, without doubt it is Lesbros’ influence that stays in mind for the longest after listening. She ranges between chanson and almost spoken word recitation, but also touching on scat and voice-derived noises as part of the sonic interplay. For the most part her lyrics are suitably poetic and the French interludes are undoubtedly beguiling, but occasionally they veer into the irritating, as on the high-stepping “Chanteuse in Blue”. Both words and music are credited to Lesbros on the final “Quand Vient La Nuit”, arranged by Jones, on which she also plays piano, alongside Jones and Pascal Niggenkemper’s abrasive bass. The former’s dog-like barks and latter’s groaning arco textures add a welcome dose of grit, which might have produced pearls elsewhere as well.

NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY: « French singer/multi-instrumentalist Emilie Lesbros inhabits a unique and compelling space at the intersection of jazz, indie classical and the avant garde….. Lesbros also has an alter ego, Miss Elie Sorbsel, who writes bitingly contemplative songs that veer closer to rock, blues and soul music.  Lesbros plays guitar and sings in both English and French on the new album……… It’s an individualistic, relentlessly relevant bunch of songs, one of the best to come over the transom here this year. »

DARIUS JONES: “When I first heard Emilie’s voice I was struck by her dedication to the vocal craft and openness to creativity. As a composer and lyricist she is poetic, honest, and theatrical, and the unique rela- tionship between African-American  is dear to her heart. There is no other vocalist that I know who culturally and socially embodies the spirit of Brigitte Fontaine as much as Emilie. She is paving a unique path of her own. It’s an honor to have her be a part of this band.”

ANNE MON TARON, FRANCE MUSIQUE: “Emilie Lesbros appears to us on stage like Pierrot the clown, both frail and luminous, and then takes hold of us and leads us into her intimate theater. The path taken by this young singer since her encounter with some strong personalities in the world of improvisation, among whom, the bassist Barre Phillips led her over time to progress and enrich her vocal vocabulary through all these excursions in the virtually unlimited territories of vocal expression. With this solo, she gives us a solitary exploration of what might be considered her inner theater, where her voice, sometimes coupled with a piano or an acoustic bass sitting vertically on stage, blends music with words, sounds with phonemes. On tiptoe she appears; on tiptoe she exits the stage! In the meantime, she puts the audience under her spell; one could almost say that an angel had stopped by, but then again, one must believe in angels…”

 MOUVEMENT, Jean-Marc Adolphe: « Without any lack of depth, the powerful sound of Emilie Lesbros’ voice unfolds and immediately gives body to the “environment” of images and sounds. »

Extreme sensitivity and with poetry, but also subtle humor and a good dose of talent!

Diane Gastellu – Citizen Jazz

Alone on stage, on the theater of the stage, she makes time, her time, shapes the note, the notes, avid for sound, for words and phonemes. A piecemeal language, fragmented, and at the end, meaning. (…) Her music is not a catalog, a list of influences; she appears “naked,” like in a striptease governed by modest and perilous elegance. Doesn’t she have to reinvent herself at every concert? Emilie is both a singer and the instruments, with her, chords and vocal chords are related, tangling and untangling, resonating infinitely.

François Billard – musician and writer specializing in jazz

Another superb singer with free flowing vocalizations to listen to on her myspace page…

Dom’s – Jazz fusion funk et plus

Emilie Lesbros transcends the question and tells us her cruel and surrealist stories melting away within them among cries, murmurs, spoken vocals… leaving us to shiver in the end.

What can we say about Emilie Lesbros today? Especially since she shifts the more or less firmly established lines between improvisation, contemporary classical and vocal jazz music, all in a particularly rich and successful alchemy.
Jaques Ponzio – « Jazz Night » Radio Grenouille